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We sent our Marketing Coordinator to her first Trade Show: here is how it went…

Hi there – my name is Madison Stewart and I am the Marketing/ PR Coordinator for SWX GLOBAL.

A short background: I graduated college in May of 2018 and started my “big girl job” at SWX GLOBAL (formerly Southwest Displays & Events) in September of 2018. SWX GLOBAL provides total exhibition solutions. As one of the largest independent Trade Show companies, we offer exhibition and environmental design services worldwide. With little knowledge of the trade show industry, I jetted off to my very first trade show, and this is how it went…

The trade show I attended was NBAA 2018 ‘National Business Aviation Association’ in Orlando, Florida. I was particularly excited about this trade show because my dad is a pilot, so I had a bit of knowledge of the aviation industry.

I got to Orlando during the last day of set up. Our crew had finished setting up the exhibit, with the last few touches being made- cleaning, setting up the snack station, organizing the displays, fluffing pillows, etc.
TIP: Most convention centers do not turn on the A/C until the day of the show. It can get hot and sweaty during set up days.

Piper Trade Show Exhibit Front

After helping our clients finish getting “trade show ready”, we went back to the hotel to washed up and went to dinner at Fogo de Choa. Nerves were flying (no pun intended) through me. As a newly hired vegetarian (the struggle, right?) with little experience in the industry or life at all for that matter, I was having dinner with important people. Thankfully, dinner went fabulously. Our clients were (and still are) the BEST. They were so enjoyable, easy-going, and fun. It was like going to dinner with some friends… well adult friends.

TIP: Offer to take your clients to dinner. Get to know them and build relationships. 🙂 Yaya relationship-building!!

After dinner, I went back to my hotel room and I prepared myself for the long day ahead.

Trade Show Floor

10/16/2018 Trade Show Day! The day the adventure starts! My supervisor and I; No, I did not go alone, I was not THAT brave yet…arrived a little after the trade show had started and there were already TONS of people. Men and women, all 25 and up dressed for a day of talking and walking.

TIP: Find professional shoes that are comfy. You will do a ton of standing and walking- During this trip I found this to be my new workout routine: it is called ‘Attending Trade Shows’.

Once we entered, we went straight to our clients’ exhibit and it looked great! It was by far the best-looking exhibit (but of course, I am biased)

Piper Exhibit
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