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We sent our Marketing Coordinator…continued

In the middle of the showroom featured the company’s latest airplane models.

The deck my favorite part contained a meeting room and lounge space. The view was awesome – It overlooked almost the entire show floor. Most of the day was spent walking and talking, analyzing other exhibit designs, meeting new people, and getting free stuff!

Not going to lie, walking the trade show floor can be intimidating – people staring at you, wondering if you are interested in their product when you just want the free stuff. In the end, do not be shy, it is a great way to learn about people and their company!

We walked the floor for many hours – The main aisle of the trade show floor was designed to look like a airport runway. There were multiple designated food areas for attendees to buy food and drinks.

TIP: If you are like me and need food, pack some granola bars, or seek out the exhibits with food. Also, bring water!!! You can never have enough during a trade show.

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