Key Highlights

  • LARGE CASSETTE AVAILABLE: up to 0.5 MGD @ ADF, 1 MGD peak flow in one single cassette. Fewer cassettes means less footprint and connections. Ideal for LARGE and MEGA installations.
  • 2 TECHNOLOGIES 1: combines advantages of hollow fiber and flat plate membrane technology which greatly simplifies and improves on plant performance.
  • LOWER ENERGY COST: optimizing dual scour using aeration and direct upward high velocity RAS feed, provides greatly reduced operating costs while improving performance.
  • FREE VERTICAL FLOW PATH: horizontal, flexible hybrid membrane creates free flow passage without hydraulic restriction, high solids and debris tolerance for safety, reducing operating costs significantly.
  • LONG LIFE: triple reinforced membrane resulting in no fiber breaks, pullouts or annual slack adjustments ensuring longest possible membrane life.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: largest membrane area results in improved footprint utilization, 50% reduction in tank size, reduced civil costs and huge increase in plant capacity, all while using conservative flux rates.
  • TRUE ULTRAFILTRATION REUSE: 0.04 ยต nominal pore size ultrafiltration membrane barrier allows for direct and indirect potable reuse by 2-3 log reduction in viruses and pathogens.
  • USER FRIENDLY: smart, easy to learn controls and dedicated factory support
  • TERTIARY TREATMENT APPLICATIONS: given the flexible installation, we are able to upgrade existing plants to achieve reuse quality effluent.